NEW YORK — Nov. 17, 2021 —Villyge, a B2B SaaS platform designed to support working families, announced today it has closed on an oversubscribed $1.075M pre-seed round, surpassing its goal by more than 40%.

The round was fueled by investments from a group of angel investors that include the managing partner at a leading VC, the former CFO of a premier mutual fund family, the President of a multi-billion-dollar SaaS-based solution, and an executive board member at an existing client.

Villyge is revolutionizing the corporate landscape for working families. The funds will be used to advance product development and make key hires across the board focused on accelerating growth and increasing impact. “Villyge is bringing a product to market that is reshaping corporate culture to meet the demands of the post-pandemic world,” explains Debi Yadegari, Founder and CEO.

“The ongoing ‘Great Resignation’ is teaching us solutions that support just the employee are no longer enough. Today, employees seek a workplace where culture meets policy. They expect managers to express a level of empathy and understanding for their personal needs. Our proprietary solution will help managers to lead and deliver.”

Villyge supports working families holistically by providing personalized 1:1 assistance to the employee, and “just in time” guidance to the manager. Organizations traditionally lack the capacity to provide either of these support options in-house.

Amidst the remote/hybrid future of work, these much-needed services fall on the shoulders of Human Resources. Today, Villyge addresses the needs of both employers and HR, lightening their load and automating guidance that, until now, often went undelivered for lack of opportunity.

Villyge believes employees should not have to choose between achieving their personal family goals and professional success. “But for employees to recognize accomplishment at both home and work,” Yadegari explains, “manager support is critical. Villyge enables working parents and caregivers to maintain an upward career trajectory, while tackling some of life’s greatest challenges, with the support of their boss.”

About Villyge

Villygesupports working families, ensuring employees maintain an upward career trajectory, while tackling life’s greatest challenges, with the support of their boss. As an employer-paid benefit for working families, Villyge provides ongoing guidance to managers in “real time,” and connects employees 1:1 with career coaches, family experts, and wellbeing specialists to support employees — from pre-conception to college, and throughout elder care. Villyge provides a comprehensive solution that does much more than just support the employee. Villyge decreases attrition, increases productivity and reduces the risk of liability, lightening the load of HR and positively impacting a company’s bottom line.